About us

About Us

UTEX Ltd. - Manufacturing and Service Enterprise started its activities in April 1988 as a venture with 100% of private capital.

In the beginning the activities focused on housing and industrial building as well as renovations.

After partial reorganisation of the company, the range of its activities was extended into the areas relating to designing and implementations in the branches connected with:


  • industrial power engineering
  • rational use of energy
  • air protection
  • water treatment


    In the year 2000 the company registered its branch in Germany to operate at the building industry market (esp. base buildings and engineering works in industry).

    Altogether 390 contracts were carried out.

    In the years 2000-2003 we employed on average 120 employees on the basis of work contracts.


    Range of services

    Range of services relating to heat engineering and building industry comprise:

  • sources of heat (boiler rooms, heat exchangers...)
  • distribution networks (central heating, hot usable water ...)
  • acceptance of heat installations (central heating, hot usable water, heat recovery,...)
  • construction of housing and industrial facilities (base buildings, installations...)

  • We can offer you, depending on the stage of planned works, the performance of:

  • energy audit (technical and economic analysis) of planned constructions or renovations,
  • project concepts
  • technical and economic evaluation
  • technical documentation - building and construction designs for heat and water branches with all necessary adjustments
  • implementation
  • running supervision during the investment process
  • Technical designs made in our firm are prepared by means of professional computer software (AUTO CAD, Audytor and others)

    Moreover, we have specialists for carrying preliminary energy audit i.e. evaluation of the existing state and preparation of a report about possible energy saving opportunities.
    We can advise you on the most advantageous modernization of boiler rooms, thermal centres, monitoring systems together with economic analysis of possible solutions.

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